Give only one nameserver to dreamhost

I have a domain registered with

To learn, I am trying to host it myself. I have a DNS and a web server running and I just need to give the nameservers to dreamhost, but dreamhost asks for two. I only have one DNS server. What can I do to tell dreamhost to use only this server?

You can’t. A domain must have at least two distinct nameservers (or, at a bare minimum, one nameserver with two different IP addresses).

There is no way to get around this? Could it be possible to simply put Google’s DNS as secondary server for example…?

No. The nameservers specified for a domain must be authoritative for the domain. (In other words, more or less, they must be able to return DNS results for the domain on their own, without referring to other servers.) Google’s DNS servers are not authoritative — they are recursive resolvers which can do lookups on behalf of other computers, but which must refer to other servers to do these lookups.

Are you really trying to host your own DNS servers? Or are you just trying to host a webserver for the domain?

If the second is the case, then use dreamhosts nameservers for DNS which will allow you to point the domain to your local server/IP.

If I use Dreamhost’s DNS servers and I don’t want to renew my hosting plan (only the domain), will I still be allowed to use their DNS?

Yes. You can still use our nameservers for domains registered through us, even if you don’t have an active hosting plan with us.

Thank you, I think that is what I am going to do. But how can I change those records :

www IN A

if they are in the non-editable section in the panel?

Remove web hosting for your domain by clicking the “remove” button under the “web hosting” column on the Manage Domains page. Once you have done so, the associated DNS records will go away.