Give FTP use access to only one domain

Hi, I used search on the forum and couldn’t find a solution, and I checked the wiki and got this page:

But I couldn’t get it to work. What I want to do is create a new FTP user named TomJones (for example) and give them access to only one domain that I’m hosting.

Try this Wiki article on how to give access to a single domain to a user

Bear in mind, however, that due to the *nix permissions system that Dreamhost uses, each directory and file is owned by one user; under the method described above you will need to access that domain as the user that you have set up to “own” it. This might work fine for you, but as you didn’t explain exactly what you want that other user to be able to do, and why, YMMV. Every website hosted with DreamHost is “owned” by exactly one FTP user… however, an FTP user may own more than one website (each one would have its own directory under the FTP user’s root directory).


This worked really well, thanks a lot.

:slight_smile: You’re welcome! I’m glad you were able to get it sorted out.