Give another user access to a domain


There’s multiple domains hosted in my account. I want to set up a new user that can access only one of these domains (that’s already set up) for FTP, shell, one-click installs, etc. Is this possible? Ideally I would still like to control the domain with my own account.

I’ve tried reading as much as I can on the FTP users, remapping subdir, etc. and can’t seem to wrap my head around it. As the site is already running I’m leary of trying things I don’t understand :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


It boils down to this:
Only one person can own a file/directory/whatever.

You can give a user permission for one-click installs, and some other control panel features for just that domain. But sharing ownership of a domain is tricky.

Maybe someone else has tried this, or can offer some insight to see if this would actually work:

  1. Create a new group, and make you and your user members.
  2. Run a periodic cronjob to recursively chmod g+w a domain.

You said that ideally you want to you want to control the domain with your own account. Toss out the ideal and you can control the domain with their account with very little difficulty.



I just tried that.
I made a symlink from a new users home directory to the domain directory (owned by a different user in the same group). I then gave the group write access. The new user is now able to upload files.
But, short question: the newly uploaded file is owned by the new user. Only he can change the write permissions for the group right? So if I do run a periodic cronjob, I have to run it for every user who can upload to the directory and suppress all the error messages I get from the files that are not owned by the current user?

This seems to be the only way to have more than one FTP user for a domain.


I like the cronjob idea. And that’s the easy way to do it, which I don’t consider to be too much to ask.