Give access to some domains to other user(s)

I have about 30 domains, including 10 solo projects, 10 that I co-run with a business partner, and 10 which are entirely my partner’s, but which I have managed for him on DH.

I want to give my business partner (and his helpers) full access to 10 of these domains, including the ability to install software, change configurations on DH, and ftp to and from the folders using Transmit, but give them NO access to other domains or aspects of my account.

Is this possible? Would it be simpler for my partner to just set up a new account and to transfer ‘his’ 10 domains to that account?

I’m not a very sophisticated DH user, so please phrase any advice you may have as you would to a complete newbie.


There’s this:

It allows them to modify settings on existing domains and installations, but they can’t create new users, domains, databases, etc. Just work on the ones already there.

I hope you have separate Users for these domains, as that’d make it a lot easier just to let them FTP in as that user. Otherwise, get ready for the hoops known as Groups. It’ll require some UNIX commands and then SFTP, which Transmit supports.