Give a domain as a gift?

Thanks for all the feedback on the ‘dreamhosters experience’ thread.

Now, for something completely different:
I’d like to give a domain, and a 2 year plan, as a gift to a good friend who needs (and wants) a website.

I’d like them not to know until they log on to their site for the first time on their birthday, but if I register them as the owner of the site, will they not get an email right away from Dreamhost?

Can I set them up as the owner, enter my email address as the contact address, pay for it myself, and then change the contact email to theirs later?

Anyone gift a domain here before? Searching ‘gift’ in this forum nets zero results…


Yes, just go to “Edit Profile” in the top right in the panel.

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Yes you can edit the domain owner.

But this is a contract, and the new owner should accept it.
That’s why you can’t really give it as a gift.

As deans said, the best thing to do is to change the name in profile after the birthday.

Or even better, you can add a few pictures on a gallery before :wink:

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If you already have a hosting plan in DH, you can even share your server space with your friend. Your friend does not even need to pay for a plan.

To do that, you can simply grant some access to your friend via DH panel --> Billing --> Account Prvilege. Your friend just needs an account in DH panel. You register the domain name under your account and then give access like creating database, uploading files, creating ftp users to the domain.

You can refer to wiki for more info

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