I know I know, it’s just not possible on a shared hosting plan! But it’s definitely possible with a VPS plan, and was wondering if DreamHost would be offering some kind of support for it. Like auto-install, just like the WordPress one click install. Or even it’s own service, like DreamPress.

More information can be found here.

based on the response I just got back from dreamhost support, this does not sound like it will be something they will be support in the near (or far) future.

Why not? It would be good if someone could outline the issues. Here is something that may be relevant:

[quote]the ability to host Ghost on a shared host is dependent on the hosting provider. Ghost is developed on a fairly new platform (node.js) that many “traditional” hosts haven’t yet adopted.

Node.js was released in 2009; PHP (which Wordpress is based) was released in 1995. So it might take a while for the providers to offer it. I would recommend emailing your hosting provider and let them know you want node.js[/quote]

Just as a comment: it feels as though Dreamhost has become less proactive, less agile, less technically on-top-of-things, than it was a few years ago. Not sure if that’s true and would welcome other customers’ opinions.