Ghost in the Subdomain?


Maybe I’ve just been staring at the screen for way too long, or I’m just lacking some fundamental knowledge of how subdomains work, but I’ve been seeing some very odd behavior!

I have a domain that is live:
I have a subdomain that I have a copy of the code on (cloned through .git):
I have a local version of the site running off Apache/localhost

I was noticing small odd discrepancies between my local copy of the site (off localhost) and the despite their sharing the same code base (maintained through .git). I began checking in further and it’s very strange:

I make a change to some subdomain content on the server (ssh in) and it doesn’t show up on subdomain’s web view. So then…

I renamed the file that includes the MySQL variables for connecting (host, user, etc).
Locally, the page doesn’t load at all. Makes sense. On the it still loads. I cleared caches, deleted cookies (not that that should matter for a DB connection, but hey…).

How is the subdomain still working?! Is it connected to the main domain in some way that I’m unaware of??
I’m a bonehead.
I was working a set of files with the same directory name (, under a different user name!

Ahhhhhhhh, there goes a day and a half!

Sorry to bother you interwebs, I’m diving back in…

[i don’t see a way to delete this thread? Mods…feel free to axe it!]
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Don’t worry about deleting this thread. Forums are meant to be a repository of knowledge, so keeping this thread means that possibly someone else with your same issue can find your solution here.

And thank you for posting the solution—a lot of people don’t do that, and it’s frustrating when a Google search results in only questions and no answers.

You’re right, thanks! I’ll swallow my pride and let my embarrassing thread stand :slight_smile: