Gettng flooded with multiple copies of emails

Since early this morning, I’ve been experiencing a very strange thing in one email address. I’ve been receiving multiple copies of the same emails, over and over again. I checked my email client and, as it has always been, it’s set to delete all emails from the server after downloading.

I checked the email settings on Dreamhost and they look OK. I don’t see any related messages on the DH status pages so I’m assuming this is some screwy only with this account. I posted a support request 11 hours ago and have not heard anything back from them yet. This is a real drag! I’m having to delete hundreds and hundreds of emails and hoping I don’t throw out an important one with them.

Has anyone heard of this problem and have any suggestions of anything I can do on my own?

Thanks in advnace!

Is it all email, or just some? If it’s just a few that are causing a problem, you could try logging into webmail and deleting them there. That would eliminate the problem being with your client communicating with the server.

You could try exiting your program & restarting the computer (if you haven’t already)–just to be sure it isn’t a screwy problem with the program (or Windows).

If you can delete the mail through webmail, though–and it doesn’t come back–I’d think that it would be a problem with your client. Just a guess, though.

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I restarted my computer and indeed that did clear it up. I presume somehow my email client somehow got fuddled and wasn’t communicating properly with the server. Thanks for the response!

That’s the beauty of Windows… when common sense and logical troubleshooting can’t find a problem, a reboot can still fix it. :wink:

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