Getting your website up without pydio

I’m sure lots of people have trouble with this as well. But, I just got Three domain names and it’s driving me nuts, I just want the sites to be up so I can get to all the customizing and whatnot. Someone help me out.

Download a stand alone ftp client. more details and some d/l suggestions:

To narrow the list further for windows filezilla is hugely popular, more advanced windows users might like WinSCP more, I understand Cyberduck is the popular choice in the OS X world.

For an in-browser experience, look for FireFTP as a browser plugin or add-in/add-on.

I have used (and liked) Transmit for OSX, although it is not free.

FileZilla—If you have more than one site, be sure to use the “Site Manager” feature. It will save you tons of time.

CrossFTP also works well, and it supports DreamObjects as well, which makes it doubly useful.

Also, AFAIK, pydio does not support SFTP, only FTP, which is a dealbreaker for me. SFTP all the way.

I thought about commenting on use SFTP, not FTP. It’s hard to believe how many still use FTP, which isn’t secure at all about the way it transmits your password. The Internet really needs to just deprecate FTP.

+1 on this.