Getting WP One Click Install Beyond Install

Hello all

My domain is I have installed wordpress one click, but haven’t received any further instructions. When visiting my domain, I can see that wordpress has, indeed, been added. However, I can’t seem to figure out my next steps. When trying to log in at none of the possible usernames and passwords visible on dreamhost seem to allow me to log in to wordpress.

Based on searches through other threads, it appears some people received an email with instructions and requesting they set up log in credentials and such. I’ve not received any such email. I’ve not found any guide that helps me figure out the steps to administrating Wordpress via the one click.

What I’ve done so far:
*Added Wordpress One Click on Dreamhost
*Downloaded WinSCP and successfully connected it to my SFTP (apparently, with one click, this is likely unnecessary)
*Checked wordpress and dreamhost forums for further answers

What I hope to do:
*Post articles, photos, and administer my wordpress site as
*Install a premium wordpress theme I purchased (which is why I did the one click)

Other possibly helpful info:
*I have a account. I do not have a account.
*This is my first time with all of this :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I found some instructions online re: my issue. I erased my DB and reloaded the one click. following the instructions I found online I was able to get a little further into the process. However, once attempting to log in to WP using I received the following error: "unused

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log."

I’m still lost on what to do from here but finally have a bit of hope in the matter.

UPDATE: (you guys are watching the evolution of a n00b)

so i figured out how to log in to phpmyadmin. from there i was able to find the user and PW info in the db logs (or whatever this info structure is called). however, when entering the relevant information from php into WP I still get the above 418 unused error.


Apologies on all the text. I seem to understand the php (WP database) enough to have affected tangible changes on the WP information at That said, I still can’t figure out how to set up the admin/user credentials so that I can log in to Wordpress and really start using the thing. I attempted to change user information, passwords, and everything else within the php user line, but now just clicking on “log in” on produces the 418 unused error. i succeeded at failing! so i tossed the db and reinstalled the one click.

Now, I’m able to make changes to WP text through php, but still have no way of accessing or creating credentials so I can login to WP. What am I missing?

Any suggestions?

Any help and instructions on how to administer wordpress once installing WP one click would be appreciated.

I would suggest starting over and following the instructions at I think you will be happier after doing it that way. Plus you can check out the Codex for help with other issues.

Personally, I try to avoid one click installers as much as possible.

WordPress now auto-configures itself with a username and password and it should have emailed those things to you.

It’s the same email as you’ve used in this forums so if you go to and put in your email address it will send you a reset password link.

But it looks like you sorted that out?

A 418 error means you’re hitting our security tools, which is probably from trying to log in too many times.

Thank you, all! How embarrassing you saw all that :slight_smile:

I did end up getting things sorted. Messages had been appearing under announcements I found when clicking on the support link. I thought I erased this thread in time to avoid wasting your time. I really appreciate the community stepping up quick.

Many thanks

I really appreciated this post as I was going crazy trying to figure out why I was unable to login and never got emails either. Ultimately never did figure it out, just manually installed wordpress instead of using the one-click install. One click had always worked for me in the past. High-fives to everyone in this post.