Getting WordPress to work with DreamObjects [solved with hack]



Hi happy WordPress & DreamObjects users!

Wishing to store your static content on WordPress on DreamObjects and finding it impossible? Don’t worry, help is here :slight_smile:

What you need to do, for now, is to be very bold and be willing to hack W3 Edge’s W3 Total Cache plugin. In fact, it’s a very simple hack — the only thing to change is the hard-coded address for and replace it with

Here are two links for a guide explaining what to do (two links because hopefully they don’t get both simultaneously deleted; I might add a blog post on my own blog for sure, where nothing gets deleted since 2004 :wink: ):

On DreamHost’s wiki:

On the WordPress support forum for W3TC:
… and yes, my own blog is using DreamObjects (you can view the source code and confirm that), and CloudFlare is running on top of everything. According to Pingdom, 55% of the world’s websites are slower than mine :slight_smile:


This is great Gwyneth! Thanks for writing this up.


My pleasure! The information on the DH Wiki is more up-to-date than here.

I’ve successfully moved three websites for now, and I’m taking a close look at what works, what doesn’t, how Pingdom “views” the sites, and so forth. So far, so good, and thanks to the insanely fast replies of DH’s tech support team, I think that one or two things that might still be “below par” can be easily fixed.

Almost all the credit goes to W3 Edge, of course. Hopefully they change their plugin to allow better integration with DreamObjects without the need of hacking the code directly!