Getting to phpMyAdmin with Drupal

I’ve got a Drupal (4.7.2) site running on DreamHost. As usual, the mysql database for the site lives in a subdomain under the Drupal site’s domain; let’s call it When I try to go to the site and presumably get to the phpMyAdmin install that lives there, Drupal somehow gets its hands on the request and returns a “Page not found” page (a Drupal-generated page with this message, that is – not a server-level 404 message).

Arggh. Have I mis-configured something somewhere? Any advice?

Jim Miller

You want to access PHPMyAdmin for your Drupal install?

You should just login through your web panel under Goodies > Manage MySQL.

At least, that’s what I do for my Drupal installs.

Good luck!

Well, that’s my point – when I do what you describe, I get the “page not found” error page. Other thoughts?

That does sound weird… sounds lilke the drupal related .htaccess rewrite rules are grabbing the url, though that *shouldn’t" happen as the phpMyAdmin lives in a subdomain.

Can you confirms that you Drupal install is in the “web base” of your main domain (url: path: /home/youruser/yourdomain/) and that your only .htaccess is in that directory?