Getting started

i’ve had a wordpress site before and a raw html site… but i’m looking for something a little sleeker, and I’m just looking for some recommendations on how to get started.
basically I want to be able to design the look of the pages/template, hopefully in photoshop or something, rather than just toying around with code and colours.

I’m working on several sites:
-a personal portfolio site w/profile, blog, and art/writing/photography/etc
-a site for my production company, functionally similar to the personal site but more geared for promotion and editable by other team members (the last is easily done i’m sure)
-a site for my college radio show with playlists, archived show mp3s (embedded mp3 player would be great), podcast capability, reviews, news bulletins, etc.
-a site for an rpg campaign i’m running, which wouldn’t really need any more functionality than those above.

the one thing i’m least sure on is how to work up a graphical interface in a template system so that i can add main pages and stuff aftwerwards.
i’d like to be able to import my old wordpress site, but i’d also be putting different categories from it on different sites.
so i’m all over the place, but if you have any ideas/suggestions i’m willing. joomla looks like it might be able to support my needs, or i could just stick with wp. can joomla integrate with other things like gallery/wordpress?
so many questions… hehe. thanks.

Just want to note that this thread is a continuation of this other thread in the beginner’s board.

Please don’t berate the OP. He’s just reposting here at the request of a DreamNinja. :slight_smile:

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Hm… Joomla with additional components & modules ?

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You could take a look through which has a list of various open source web applications. It also has demos of the sites with demos of the admin panels. It may give some ideas.

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hey thanks that site looks useful. :slight_smile:

I’m looking more for something that’s easier to customize look and feel than something that offers a wide range of complicated content options cause all i really need generally is pages/subpages with some specific page templates