Getting Started with the site?


Hey Guys,

I just bought the account yesterday and today I was approved. Now how do I get started on editing the site?

BTW I bought the $9.95/year package.





There is no 9.95/yr hosting package. That’s just for domain registration (which one is free with a hosting package). Domain registration does not include webspace.


It will take some time for your domain name to be propagated across the net. You should be getting an email about your account from DH. Keep this information as it tells you how to access your site.
You are going to need a ftp program, most web browsers can act as an ftp program. There are some free on the net as well.
The one I like is fileZilla as it is free and you can see hidden files on the server.
Once you have your email message, your domain has propagated and you found a good ftp program. Now you can upload some files.
When you first log on to your site, you will find several folders and maybe some files. Find the folder that is the same as your domain name. This is where you put any file you want to be viewed by a web browser.
The first page of your website will have a name of index.html or index.htm either one will work. If this page is missing anyone who accesses your site will see a directory of all of files in that folder plus the names of any sub folders.
This directory is called an index, hence the reason for naming your first file index plus extention.
Well, I guess I gave you quite a lot to read, so I’ll stop here and if you have any question you know where the forum is. :slight_smile:


I was thinking he got one of those promo code deals. But that should be for 1st year only.


So what does the Domain registration include?

How do I get webspace? My friend referred me to DH and he did the 9.95 thing and he has webspace.


/shrug, maybe. But it seems a bit odd to have something THAT low.

You konw what… nix that WYSIWYG advice. If you’re gonna do it right, do it right the first time. Check out newbie sites like Read books, there’s a LOT of books about HTML authoring.

Check out how other sites are built. Read the basics on FTP from the DreamHost Wiki:

And to answer the above question; Domain registration is purely a parking of a domain. That’s it. Do you have a login and password for a server? If so, then maybe you did get some deal I hadn’t seen.


Maybe you can get the friend that referred you to help, he could check to make sure you indeed signed up for web hosting and not just a domain (or internet web site name)