Getting Started * NEWBIE*


I already bought my domain and hosting through DreamHost.

Now what do I do next? I am a total beginner so please explain carefully.

I was trying to do the one click installs with WordPress but I have to have my domain fully hosted first for the Custom Installations which I keep getting errors when I try to do it, so I am stuck.


Have a look at the wiki. Most everything you need to know is there. If you don’t specify the errors you are receiving, then no one can help you.


Right now I am getting this error -----> error id: “bad_httpd_conf” I have been reading the wiki but no luck there for me.

FWIW, one thread per topic is all you need in this forum. It’s a small forum, those of use that answer here all read with the “View New Posts” or “View Today’s posts” links at the top. Keeping everything together makes it simpler and less confusing for you and simpler for those helping you as we are not repeating things.


Thanks…Support got back to me and got it situated…I had to hit Ctrl + R and it was fixed just in case anyone has the same issue