Getting .sql Databases Back


I did complete backup a couple of months ago, the email stated that it was successful and backed up the .sql DB’s and everything else within the file (the databases are small, couple of MB’s), I downloaded the file.

I recently cancelled my hosting just a few days ago, I went to grab the files from the large .zip file of my whole account to upload to the new host, and I can find everything, users, emails, website files, everything except the .sql DB’s. Unless they are named something else, hidden in a random folder somewhere, I don’t think I have them.

When I was cancelling it said that I would be able to access my files/restore everything in a time frame of 30 days. I can see all the DB’s still there to ‘restore’ from within my account (I still have a domain and can still log in), I’ve tried to click restore, but I can’t get at them.

Does anyone know a way around this to get at the files? It’s frustrating! Before I left I got my most important DB through PHPMyAdmin, I should have got them all, but I thought I already had them.

I have contacted support around 12 or so hours ago about this and received no reply as of yet.

Does anybody have any ideas? I have $9 credit in my dreamhost account, maybe get one month of hosting, restore the files, download them & close up again, is that viable?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Any ideas anyone? I’ve contacted support twice now with no reply. The first time was 24 hours ago, I haven’t even got a canned reply yet.


It looks like Patrick just got back to you with your database files. Sorry about the delay!