Getting spammed like crazy

I’m getting at least 20 spam emails a day. I’m using the spam controls, but even the things that I specify to not deliver are being delivered.

E.g., If I say to delete emails with “Want to save 50 dollars on ‘X’ nasty thing” I will still get those emails.

I’ve also enabled the Junk Mailbox thing, but it catches 1 spam email out of the bulk. That’s ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have that email written down anywhere, but I can’t stop the spam.

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I tried getting the spamfilter on DH to work for a week or two, but finally, I gave up and moved all my email to gmail… I don’t know why, but it didn’t catch anything on my account either. Even with a low treshold.

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Suggestion: Post a report to Support, including a spam email, with headers, showing how the filter failed. If it’s broke, they should fix it.

I use a combination of server-side and client-side spam filtering and until recently this has worked well. However, over the last few weeks I have noticed an increase in the number of spam emails getting through the filters.

These emails are mostly the ‘invest in junk shares’ type and I suspect they are very difficult for the filters to detect.


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Just a note; at $DAYJOB I’m the systems admin and the sheer amount of spam being pumped through zombie relays at our SMTP servers these past 6-8 days has been utterly astounding - well above normal levels.
I’ve actually firewalled-off port 25 for entire CIDRs from Poland and the Netherlands and much more agressive clipping on lots of US CIDRs that are used only for dynamic hosting. And still, as one IP range bites the dust, another comes a-knockin’.

What would really be cool is if DH could figure some way us to set up our own private DNSBLs, but that sorta thing get get mighty problematic from a support point-of-view.

I’ve had great success setting up double-pass Gmail filtering. This has filtered out almost all spam entirely. I’ve also included some of my own procmail filtering to send known addresses directly to inbox folders. I’ve had very few false-positives in the beginning and now there almost none.
I might also add, I have several email accounts on various non-DH domains/servers and almost all have experienced recent jumps in spam content.