Getting Spam with my own sent from address


I suddenly get a ton of email spam with the sender address of my own email address.
So the blacklisting won’t work, since it is me sending me that spam!
I only see that I can blacklist certain email addresses. Can I also add words on a blacklist? Godaddy had a nice way to set that up.
Any suggestions? Thanks



I don’t see why you can’t blacklist your own address as sender going into your Inbox. I take it you do not usually send emails to yourself? (Works for me.)



It may work for you but it doesn’t work for me - I do in fact have occasion to send myself email as a convenient way to sling attachments and other information between various email enabled devices I happen to use.

I so want DNSBL configuration capabilities. Blacklisting myself isn’t an option, nor should it be. I would much prefer to inconvenience spammers rather than myself.


You can enable/disable junk mail filtering for your domain at The exact filtering rules aren’t configurable, but it does use DNSBLs on the back end (among other things), and you can set a threshold for which messages it’ll quarantine.


I think nothing other than deleting the account will work, cos though there are some techniques to filter and block the IP spammers, no method has proved to work. May be you can check out some site like or which lists the spam filter blacklists.


This happened to my domains as well, and it started right around the same time the original poster reported it.

IP addresses are varied, some are in central america, some in china.

Subject lines started out as “girlie messages”, then progressed into job offers.

I don’t have the original subject lines from late May 2011, but some recent ones are:

New ladie profiles
Job ad - see details! Sent through Search engine
Job opportunity - hurry to apply!

This is a massive spam effort – I’ve never seen anything like it in my ~10 years with Dreamhost. DH’s spam filters are not catching these, even though they seem extremely obvious.
BTW – I should point out that these messages are spoofing the “from” address as if it is originating from my DH-hosted domain. So if the spam is sent to "", it’s also coming from "".

I’m not sure why the DH spam filter can’t catch such obvious forgeries.