Getting spam from gmail accounts

I am wondering what can I do to stop gmail accounts from spamming me?

I get about 1 to 3 spam emails from gmail everyday.

I am getting emails from gmail accounts that look like this:

Screenshot at 2021-10-07 17-07-09

I use evolution for Linux as my email client and POP3. I have installed the BOGO spam filter for evolution through synaptic and the bogo filter is working like it should.

I started getting these emails right after I moved back to being fully hosted @ DH.


I wonder if some of the new spam is due to posting (seemingly real) email addresses on this forum in the last few weeks? Possibly spam-bots have found them, and so you’re seeing more spam?

If this is what’s happening, then you might go back to your older posts and remove/edit the addresses (if that’s possible).

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You were complaining about not having Spam. Now you have some.

What is the real issue?

I’m not complaining… I just thought that it was weird I started getting some

I bet @habillis is right… Let me go edit my posts.

It is extremely easy to spoof sender addresses.

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