Getting rid of extras "slashes?"

Hi! I’m rather new to PHP, but I created a series of pages that gather (through a series of forms) information in “$_Session” variables, and then displays it back to the user before confirmation and emailing the collected contents of all the variables.

These pages worked fine on a server at another host, but here at DH, it adds in extra “slashes” when it stores the form fields in the variables so that:

This is just “perfect” I’m impressed, but not completely!


This is just “perfect” I’m impressed, but not completely!

I have a feeling this is because “magic_quotes” is turned on in the php.ini file, but I have no idea how to turn this off?

Can anyone help? Thanks!


You could use stripslashes for your variable:
print stripslashes($yourvariable);


You can disable this behavior by using ini_set() in your global header or library file.

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Chells’ solution did the trick for me. Thanks!

I’d look into using ini_set(), but I’m not sure where to begin with that. Maybe it’s me, but it seems the PHP man assumes alot of a priori knowledge.

For instance, where do you use php_ini? Is it in the .php page with the script, in a htaccess file in the directory, or is it elsewhere on the server?

I find their definitions as useful as “The color red is the same as the color blue, except it has a wavelenth 175 nm longer than that of blue light.”

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Guess I’ll just continue to slog my way through… :}