Getting rid of an old cron job

Every week, I get an email from an old cron job.

The email is from:

The subject of the email is: Cron louusiteadmin@chopin /bin/bash $HOME/php5/

This is the old PHP5.2 script, which I no longer need. I’ve tried atq to see my cron jobs, but it tells me that I have none. I have also tried to look at cron jobs on DreamHost Web panel, but it too tells me that I don’t have any cron jobs.

So, clearly I don’t understand cron jobs well enough. Can someone tell me how to delete this job?

Mike S

No I think someone in support helped you get that one working at some point. Be my guess anyway. And they did it as root, and as such you have no access, and the panel doesn’t realize it’s yours.

Open a support ticket, they are going to need to look for it as a root owned cron and get ride of it.