Getting ready to move to dreamhost

I’m getting ready to move my site/gallery/estore to dreamhost.

I’m preparing to build a new joomla site and estore using PDG ecommerce software.

I need to set up a “working site” to build the joomla and store before we switch the domain from the existing old site hosted by earthlink.

Do I need to et up a subdomain site first and then when the new site/store I’m building is completed (in month or so) on dreamhost, switch the domains and set up the SSL?

present site is


I’d add hosting for the domains you’re current hosting elsewhere, then use one of the methods in this wiki article to view the site before you change the DNS for each of your sites.

The SSL will be a little more complicated in that the dreamhosters subdomain method won’t work perfectly in that case because there will be a mismatch between the certificate domain and the domain of the site. You can either accept the certificate temporarily or use the HOSTS file method which should work perfectly.

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