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Hey i was wondering i had a question about dreamhost. And its hard because i really want to talk to somebody from dreamohost site. But i can really get in contact with anyone. Or at least talk to them by email or messenger.

But ok i really want to get off dreamhost for right now. Which means no account, no web panel and no information. Now ive already deleted my account on the panel but i want to get off dreamhost completley and not come back until i get better at my web design skills.

Can anyone tell me how to get off dreamhost completley and come back later in the future.

I’m confused as to exactly what you want to do. You can close down your account through the panel in the Billing section. If you’re due a refund that will be calculated there too.

You can also contact dream host through the panel, support, contact support. If you don’t have access to the panel you can contact DH via Just make sure and provide a valid working E-mail address and they will respond to you.

If I’ve missed the target completely here, please explain again what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Dare I say, maybe someone wants to join again down the track and use a promo code when re-joining.

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It will lost any additional bandwidth and space that he already gained then.

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I don’t see what the problem is. You have already closed the account, so why not just leave things as they are and, when you are ready to come back, use the option within the panel to create a new account?


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"and no information"
I bet you’ll never get done that, I bet DH makes regular backups of their customer database and keep that for some time. not only to prevent fraud but also for some other purposes.

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Yes, they usually do daily backup. You can do it from panel => Goodies => Manage MySQL => restore db for particular db.

If you want a customized backup, say it hourly you better do it using combination of your shell script and cron jobs. You can see sample script from in the second comment posted by Lee.

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I think that’s what he’s getting at. I have the same problem where I want to be able to delete my web panel account, because I signed up for a new account using the 555 promo code on the 12th, and the account sign-up didn’t go through properly. I had an account without a plan, so I couldn’t then sign up for a plan on that account using the promo code. When I contacted support they told me I’d have to make a new account using a new email address to use any future promo codes, as the 555 code had expired. They didn’t address my main issue though, which was the fact that the account was still pending after four days, so I can’t just use a regular plan even if I want to, another reason why I’d like to delete everything.

I don’t think we users can actually totally delete an account, I believe only DreamHost support has this ability.

If you really want the account deleted totally, I would suggest contacting support again, detailing the reason you want the account deleted and they may be willing to do this for you.


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