Getting mysql error 28


I woke up today to find this error on my wordpress blog

I read random forums to see if I could fix it myself, but it seems the /tmp directory being full causes this. Is anyone else getting this?

Can users get like a little button in the panel that they can click when things like this happen? I see this error has come up before here (in 2005) so it would be nice if we didn’t have to ask support everytime it happens…



I had this problem today, too.Try running the following SQL Query:

REPAIR TABLE wp_posts;

I’ve had this same problem at least twice that I know of. I sure do hope this is something that isn’t going to happen every other day…because it never happened at my old host!

same problem too, filed a support ticket

[quote]same problem too, filed a support ticket



An hour later, and it’s working now.

I’m down too but with THIS error:
message_die() was called multiple times. This isn’t supposed to happen. Was message_die() used in page_tail.php?