Getting my domain set up

I had an old site that disappeared but I still have the the domain.

I am trying to get it set up again on DreamHost but not having much success. I don’t have any experience with managing and since it has been many years since I last touched it I have forgotten what I did.

I already have a hosting plan.

The domain is It is currently unpingable which means it is definately not pointing at the correct location.

The name is managed by Memset. I need to set the record up but I am unsure of what I need to set. Currently it is set to:

Type: A
Point to Address:
TTL: Default

I have looked at the wiki and read about setting up dreamhosters domains before “flicking the switch” but not anything about wiring up the switch. Also it seems that getting the domain transfer is a lot of hassle but will be something I would want to do when everything is up and running.

What do I need to do to move this across?

While waiting for a response I moved my registration to DreamHost. Hopefully this will make it easier.

According to the blurb it may take 7-10 days. I expected it to take about 24 hours. How will I know when it has completed?

Just recieved this email which I don’t understand.

[quote]The current registrar, TUCOWS INC., for the domain rejected
the transfer request you submitted because of Initial 60 Days after registration or transfer.

Pursuant to established registry procedures the transfer is declined.[/quote]

  1. What does TUCOWS have to do with this? I thought it was between DreamHost and Memset.
  2. I have owned the domain for about 6 years now and this is the first time I have tried to move it.
  3. How do I find out how long there is supposedly left on this?

Taking it in order:

[] TUCOWS is the company that actually did the domain registration. Memset is just working through them.
] It looks as though the domain was transferred from Easyspace to TUCOWS sometime in the last day or so. This seems kind of weird to me. You should ask Memset for details.
[*] Based on what I can see from here, you will need to wait out the 60 days before you can transfer the domain.

If you have control over the domain’s nameservers through Memset, you may be able to point it to DreamHost while it’s still registered through them by setting the nameservers to the values listed at:

If you’re not sure how to do this, please ask Memset for details. I’m not familiar with their system, so I don’t know exactly where you’d do this.

Thank you Andrew.

I will contact Memset regarding this.


If you would, it would be great if you could report back on what you discover. These forums are infinitely more useful if statement of problem is followed up, where appropriate, by statement of resolution.

Just looking at the evidence presented so far on this thread, the only rational explanation I can think of is that Tucows and Easyspace periodically swap their portfolios in order to be able to invoke the 60-day rule so as to delay transfers.

It would be good if a less surreal explanation could emerge from your investigation.

As a point of interest, it is worth looking at

and, indeed, at

It would appear, after talks with a very helpful Memset employee, that they moved from EasySpace to Tucows after poor service from their EasyNIC reseller (I guess they are part of EasySpace). As part of this they are migrating everyone to OpenSRS which required a change and that happened on the 23rd March - so I need to wait until the end of May to complete the transfer. As part of the transfer they gave everyone a years free subscription.

Good thing is I see a page at now. Bad thing is it is not the place holder I put there.

Using “whois” and “dig -t ANY” it appears that the nameservers are ns1,ns2, This means that you can modify the DNS records through your DreamHost Web Panel and point them anywhere you want.

Where the domain is registered is not an issue any longer (until the current registration expires in July, 2014). Between (60 days from) now and then you can move the registration to DreamHost if you want everything in one place.

Cripes! A year’s free subscription (if that means free domain registration) could be considered ample recompense for the inconvience of not being able to transfer it for 60 days … I wonder if it is only offered to people who (a) notice what they did and (b) complain about it.

Anyway, the initial hypothesis (that transferring the registration at the same time as transferring the hosting could make things easier) is usually incorrect … it’s almost always easier to let one transfer finish completely before doing the other … so this glitch could turn out to have fortunate.

I think what he meant is that the domain was renewed for an additional year, not the hosting. This is normal for a transfer — indeed, outside of really special circumstances, it’s not possible to transfer a domain without renewing it.

Yes but the automatic one-year extension of a registration which is entailed in a transfer has to be paid for, and in this case it was presumably paid for by Memset.

It would be reasonable for them to plan to recover the cost from their customers, gradually, when each original renewal date comes up … at least from those customers who never noticed that anything unusual happened, and therefore were not inconvenienced.

Customers who did notice, would be able to take advantage of the situation by refusing to pay for the renewal, since their registration is already renewed.

So I’m wondering if customers get the free registration renewal if and only if they ask for it.