Getting Lost in Tech Support

Well, it’s been 5 days now, a dozen back and forth e’mails with the support staff at DH and still no solution to my problem (I am able to send, but not receive my e’mail from my website). I also cannot access my e’mail from SquirrelMail for my website.

If my toaster breaks down, I have a phone number to call, but my website (my JOB and livelyhood) breaks down and it taks DAYS and DAYS before it gets fixed. My last problem a few years ago took 2 weeks.

Been with dreamhost for years and am quite happy with them when things are working well, but believe me, when one little thing goes wrong it takes forever to get fixed, back and forth e’mails and misunderstandings for days, only to go back to ‘base 1’ all over and over again… this has happened about 3 times now with DH.

how can this possible be worth it to them? all this time reading and typing back and forth when all can be solved in ONE short phone call? is it a power issue? because it doesn’t make economic sense. There are many solutions as to how to make this work… from setting a call appointment to call forwarding to their cell phones as they are sunning at the beach… whatever.

… I was on the phone with Macintosh support this morning for a short 15 minutes and they solved half the mail problems from this end (as well as going into the EVER confusing DH wiki/kbase spaghetti bowl with me to help find one solution)

No amount of reasoning can convince me that it would not be worth having someone at a phone to solve a simple problem. I have spent 4-6 hours per day for the past 4 days trying everything to get my e’mail to work and BEGGING the dreamhost guys to please check my settings on dreamhost … and I still am without e’mail.

I now forward my mail from my website to another e’mail address so at least if DH does decide to answer back the FIVE e’mails that are backed up waiting for a response from them, I hopefully will hear from them… it has now been a full 24 hours and I’ve heard NOTHING. Not even a “we have received your e’mail and will be responding shortly”

This is the WORSE customer service I have experienced EVER, ANYWHERE. I would NEVER recommend dreamhost to anyone again. The last website I did for someone I told them to go to “” where for half the price you get customer support on the phone. (good or bad, you can’t beat talking live to a human being in real time).

Sorry for all the rambling… so my question IS:

How do you get dreamhost to respond to a customer support e’mail?(ie: Support Request Form) I’ve tried everything from being polite and nice to all out postal (thank god I don’t have their address).

thank you,


James, I can tell you are very frustrated.

You don’t. Dreamhost tech support does not respond to “e’mail”. You submit a support request via the form on the control panel (and since you have “been with Dreamhost for years” you should know that). You could upgrade your plan to a Level 3 (Code Monster), and request a scheduled callback :slight_smile: .

Yeah. The fact that you have tried “all out postal” speaks volumes. I’m sure they are all lined up to help you now! Tech support staffers are people too; “postal” never helps.

It can’t be. Considering your statements that 5 days and “a dozen back and forth e’mails” could not produce a solution to your problem, why would you think"ONE short phone call" would produce significantly different results? What can you say on the phone that you cannot say via email? Oh! Nothing? I see. You would just rather miscommunicate in “person” as opposed to via email.

I’d think that after a dozen emails, you could a least communicate more of the details to your problem then you have here. “I can’t receive email from my website” and “I can’t access my e’mail from SquirrellMail for my website,” and “trying everything” doesn’t give us much information to try to help you. There are many highly experienced users on this forum that might can help you, but not with the information you have provided.

When did you set up the affected account?
Have you ever successfully received email via that account?
Can you log in to SquirrelMail at all?
Or can you login to SquirrellMail, but not otherwise access your mail?
What email client are you using from your computer?
What are your various settings in that client?
Which version of your login username are you using (m123456 or email address?)
(You might want to take a look at this resource for tips on how to get useful help from others)

As mentioned before, that option is available, depending upon the plan you have.

Well, then I guess there is no point at all to even responding to that, is there? :wink:

Wow. My experience with Dreamhost support has always been productive, and I have found them to be helpful, courteous, polite, and professional every time I have had to deal with them. It has been orders of magnitude better than the “typical” phone support people I have dealt with over the years for everything from computer equipment, public utilities, phone companies, retailers, shippers, etc. If this experience is the worst you have ever had, you have been very fortunate! Of course, everyone has different experinces, and with support people how you treat them sometimes has a lot to do with how they treat you. YMMV.

At any rate, hopefully the rant made you feel better, at least in the short term. I opened this post with an answer to your post’s closing question, and am closing this post with a suggestion. Once the “fire” has died down, and since you are waiting for DH to respond to your last support requests anyway, why don’t you post back here with more information about your situation, and see if anyone here can help you work through to a solution.

Sure, there may not be anything that we can do to help, but then again maybe there is (especially if there are terminology/setup/configuration issues involved). If your problem is the result of something in your account being “borked” in the DH backend, only DH support can help - otherwise, why don’t you take advantage of the forum and solicit help here?

Venting has it’s purposes, I suppose, but it seems to me getting help would be more satisfiying. :wink:


no offense, but if your data is as mission critical as you say then not only should you not be on dreamhost, you should not be on shared hosting, AFAIK dreamhost is not fully managed, if something other than hardware is broke, you should really fix it, dreamhost do give you shell. You can install any mail program/service you like.

If however you loose money, maby you want a managed dedicated server? and if you loose lots of money will help, they Never been down for even 1 second in over 5 years. :wink:

correction=> e’mail ie: Support Request form. ALL of my ‘e-mails’ were sent via the Support Request forms.

I have a very simple website, I don’t need “code 3”… is half the price of DH and they have phone tech support and seem to manage to keep on top of things… and don’t tell me to switch to godaddy, I might just do that anyway at the end of my term here… the POINT is that any ANY level… FIVE DAYS and 12 e’mails just to get the most SIMPLE thing done is not acceptable., it just isn’t…

ONE SHORT PHONE CALL WORKS EVERY TIME…!!! How on earth could you think otherwise, I solved HALF the problem just talking to a very friendly helpful tech support guy from Macintosh. there are TONS of things you can do at the speed of light compared to the back and forth e’mails telling them over and over and over and over again I AM NOT GETTING MY E"MAIL!!! how many time can I type that out? and YES, they ask all the questions and I give all the answeres/error messages, etc etc. If I had them on the phone i could tell them exactly where the problem is and what is happening WHERE and zooom in and fix it. That’s exactly how it was on the phone this morning with Mac. Simple, fast easy and to the point.

How can you possible say “what can you say on the phone that you can’t say in an e’mail???” EVERYTHING!!! because you are both in real time… looking at the problem and trying a few things to fix it, and then it gets fixed. and you are done. period.

When you are both on the phone in REAL time, you see what pops up, you try this and that, ane it’s done. You can also ask clarifying questions when you don’t understand a term or concept. YOU CANNOT GET THAT IN AN E"MAIL

When did you set up the affected account? 5 years ago
Have you ever successfully received email via that account? up until 5 days ago.
Can you log in to SquirrelMail at all? Not now. I get an error message: ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.Query: SELECT "INBOX"
Or can you login to SquirrellMail, but not otherwise access your mail?
What email client are you using from your computer? MAIL, Macintosh, all of those settings are correct as far as I know, I can send mail from MAIL but am not receiving it there.
What are your various settings in that client? they are correct.
Which version of your login username are you using (m123456 or email address?) do you mean the username for MAIL on my macintosh? or username on DH? My username on MAIL is my e’mail address.

I’m glad you’ve had good success by e’mail… I cannot for the life of me think of a more INEFFECTIVE way of communicating. I will post an Update and maybe someone could have a suggestion. thank you.

I don’t know what shared hosting is
I don’t know what AFAIK means or what “fully managed” means.
My hardware (computer?) is fine, it’s an iMac
dreamhost give me a shell? again, what??? is that from the Ocean (bad joke)
I have a mail program (MAIL allready on my mac)
I do know know what a “managed didicated server” is… but if that means someone else does my website… I’d rather do it myself, it’s not that complicated.

Dreamhost has also not been down that much, I’m happy with dreamhost, just not their customer service, it’s illogical and not efficient.

Update: as of Saturday 14th:

  • I can send mail from my MAIL program on my macintosh just fine.

  • I cannot receive mail to my MAIL program… when I try to check my e’mail a window pops up asking for my password but does not accept it. Yes, I have retyped carefully my password on both my MAIL program and DH settings.

  • when I go to sign onto Squirrel, I get the message: ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. Query: SELECT “INBOX” (there is no INBOX to ‘select’, so I just close the window)

In my DH Manage Email section I have put another e’mail address in the forwarding area, and that is how I am getting e’mail presently.

I believe the problem is in the settings on DH.

I will give them a few more days to sort thru my e’mails as I just received an e’mail from them apologizing as it has been over 24 hours and they are backed up.


Ok., but that is not what you said, and your question was precisely about responding to “e’mails”. If you expect to obtain any significant degree of useful information from support, you need to be responsible to accurately report/describe your problem - if your “e’mails” to support (I know now, you used the Support Form :wink: ) were as inaccurately constructed as your post, it is no wonder you are having problems getting a satisfactory resolution.

I was not implying that you did need a “Level 3” account, only pointing out that there is a way to get “phone” support, which is what you are all on about. You may not “need” most of the aspects of the higher plan, but if you “need” phone contact, than there is a way to get it.

Believe me, after having read your last three posts, in spite of the myriad things you claim you “don’t know”, I would never presume to tell you anything. That would be wasted breath even if it would help you to more clearly articlulate your issues in order to get proper help. becuase it is clear you are not interested in learning. You are not going to be happy until you get to deal with someone on the phone. Oh well.

Uh, common sense and more than a few years of dealing with peoples’ technical problems. It’s obvious you are convinced that this is true, but you believing it does not make it so.

You can type that out, or say it on the phone, as many times as you choose; saying it 5 or 500 times will have no impact on the issue. You have to communicate more about the problem than just, “It doesn’t work! Fix it,!” if you are to have any reasonable hope of getting any help, irrespective of you “wishes” or “expectations”.

You could tell them exactly the same thing via email ( just “type” the same words you would “say”, soh!), and repeating over and over again that you can’t is just ignorant. You might not prefer to do it that way, and might rather talk to someone, but either process works; you seem to just be frustrated that you can’t do it the way you want. You also fail to accept responsibility for the fact that the “no phone support” decision was in place when you signed up for the account, you knew that (or reasonably should have, because it is well documented all over Dreamhost), and agreed to host at Dreamhost under those terms. To now after 5 years, whine like this because now you don’t like the system you subscribed to, is just some where between sad and pathetic.

Sure you can! People do it on this forum all the time. Of course, the response that you get may well be that it is beyond the scope of Dreamhost Tech support to educate you in some of those things, or be pointed to a resources that would entail you having to show some initiative and learn something yourself. That is very different that expecting a tech support person to become your personal tutor.

I’ve read the responses to the questions I asked in my earlier post, and the problem has now become much more clear: You don’t want to troubleshoot the probelm, you just want it to be “automagically” fixed. This is evidenced by responses like, “MAIL, Macintosh, all of those settings are correct as far as I know,” and then followed by, “What are your various settings in that client? they are correct.” Which is it? Are those setting all “correct”, or only “as far as you know”.

I’ll guarantee you that your user name was not your email address, either in your Mail client, or on a Dreamhost server 5 years ago - DH used the m123456 user name, or sometimes the system “user” name, exlusively untill very recently (there are many threads about this in this forum, just search). So, Obviously you have changed the setting in your client program (you had to, becuse you received mail “up until 5 days ago” and you could not have done so until recently using your email address as your username in your client). It also sounds like the Apple people have been helping you, so who knows what setting(s) may have changed. At any rate, since you insist that your settings are correct, we really can’t investigate that, can we.

In short, the “INEFFECTIVE” communication has very little to do with the medium involved (phone or email) and quite a lot to do with the way you communicate. You are asked a question (“What are your various settings in that client?”), and choose not to answer (they are correct). You are asked what client your are using, and you respond by naming the clien/OS, and inisisting your settings are correct (offering as evidence the fact that you can send, but not receive, as though you have already decided that this can not possibly be the problem (hint: it is very possible that you could have several combinations of settings that would allow you to send and not receive!). This type of dialogue is just as ineffective via the phone as it is via email. The difference is that, via email, you have to share in this “timesink” where, via phone, your ineffective communication is now “forced” onto a tech in “real time”. Dreamhost support avoids (and in my opinion, quite rightly so) much of this by not making themselves available for that. It’s the old GIGO thing at play here ("Garbage In, Garbage out). Absent a tech just “blowing you off”, whouch would be a very different situation, the quality of the tech support you receive is directly related to how you interact with them. That inlcudes answering the question you are asked, providing the information that is asked for, and always answering truthfully.Period.

While you are gathering the information to post an update, you could also check out the DH WIki article on setting up Mail on the Mac, as well as the articles on DH email if you need help understanding “users”, logins, etc.

As for me, until you feel sufficently moved to post the settings you have used in Mail, I can’t be bothered to invest more time in trying to help. When, and if, you do post the information I asked for in my earlier post, I’ll look at it again and see if I can help you. Good Luck! :slight_smile:


well, it’s obvious that you love love LOVE the long e’mail things.


just because I did not answer YOU’re questions in minute details does NOT mean that I didn’t go into every singe point by point by point from SIMPLE to cut and pasting entire documents for DH…

that was not the point of my original e’mail…
and YES that is what I said. the “form” IS an e’mail… good lord how else can you send them a support question??? certainly NOT by phone.

I have phone tech for my razor, blender, toaster, computer, apartment, all problems are solved with a quick precise conversation.

I did answer your questions, what more do you want me to say? I also posted what the problem was in this subject area… but again, I guess you didn’t read that… because e’mails don’t worki

and believe me, I have mailed them IN GREAT DETAIL and have asked them to PLEASE respond in COMPLETE detail… most of the times, they dont even address what I ask them or my concerns… so, now I have to ask again and again and make an arrow => and say PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION after each and every single thing I write. and I copy and paste each and every sentance they write and respond and answer back.

I don’t feel like cutting and pasting the 16’ of type from the 12 e’mails that have been going back and forth between DH and myself.

again, I am backed up 5 e’mails to them and they sent me a note apologizing for being over 24 hours late and will respond when they can…

so, I’ll give them a few more days.

No problem, as it DOES take 10 days to two weeks to get anything resoved with DH, that’s a given (and NO, I did NOT know DH did not have tech help, I was referred by a friend and I guess I didn’t read the fine print, my mistake, I can’t IMAGINE in all of my wildest dreams that they would rather spend hours and hours and hours typing e’mails instead of just fixing the problem, but YOU’RE that way, so, there you go… two kinds of people, two ways of doing things)

Even if you got a DIRECT answer by e’mail and it only took 30 minute total turn around time, you STILL could have done it in less time by phone. Believe it or not., that’s the proof. there is no believing or not believing, just set a stop watch.

the problem is in my settings on DH and that’s something they have to go inside and do.

Your rant sounded a bit clueless.

Ahh, that explains it.

This almost smells like a duplicate account for amseek, who also hasn’t contributed anything but two posts whining about lack of phone support… even though it has been clearly stated that it’s not in Dreamhost’s business model.

This is another reason I’m glad they don’t offer phone support. The people that want it the most seem to be the ones that would end up wasting the most of support’s time, which could be spent doing something better.

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hahahahahahaha, who the F@#K is amseek? I just signed up for this forum today… good god


HELLOHELLOHELLOHELLO!!! The system DOES NOT WORK… only for THEM because they can sit at any coffee shop in town or go to the beach or be at home and still do their job…

ever hear of “Call Forwarding” DH???

You obviously don’t know S*)T

I’ll take my chances with DH Support, don’t need help from you… thanks

Actually, I don’t like the long email replys, but sometimes when someone seem particularly frustrated, I take the time to try to actually get to the heart of the problem. I’m sorry if my respons(es) to your post(s) are too long. :slight_smile:

As you have thoroughly described the problem to DH, Im sure you will eventually get it resolved. Hopefully, the DH tech people will get back to you with a resolution sooner rather than later. As I said before, good luck!


If you’re as much of an idiot with support as you are here, it’s no wonder nothing is getting accomplished. I’ve been here since 2002 and haven’t had any communication problems with support.

Seriously though, if being stupid isn’t getting you the results you want, maybe switch over to crying and see how that goes.

Ouch, that hurt… but then I remembered that it was coming from a retard that can’t even check mail, so it lost some of its sting.

I think I’ll go check & send mail now. How about you?

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I don’t really think so, as amseek’s writing style was significantly “different”, but who knows? :wink:

I’m glad you have not had any problems… I haven’t either, all in all it takes 10 to 14 days , endless emails and etc when a simple phone call could take care of the problem on the spot.

my response “You obviously don’t know S*)T” was to a DIFFERENT post than yours… NOT to you… again the OBVIOUS problems when dealing with e’mails/misunderstandings… and ALL THE MORE REASON TO COMUNICATE ON THE PHONE IN REAL TIME…

case point made…

Might not be… but the first thing I’d try to do if pretending to be two people would be making sure that I didn’t sound like myself. :wink:

I just thought it was odd that amseek registers to start one thread about phone support, where he doesn’t get the backup he hoped for. Then, basically starts the same thread again… and still nothing. Then, another one-post whiner that claims his world is falling apart due to lack of phone support.

If they’re not the same person, they’d probably get along great! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay. I’ll bite. Who was the "“You obviously don’t know S*)T” intended for? Who else had even mentioned amseek at the time you made this post? Uh huh!


A phone call doesn’t take care of anything, except getting to hear a voice. How they learn of a problem doesn’t change the process of fixing it.

[quote]my response “You obviously don’t know S*)T” was to a DIFFERENT post than yours… NOT to you… again the OBVIOUS problems when dealing with e’mails/misunderstandings… and ALL THE MORE REASON TO COMUNICATE ON THE PHONE IN REAL TIME…

case point made…[/quote]
Actually, you just proved everyone’s point except for yours. Quoting one person while blurting out comments to another is communication problem on your end. That’s not Dreamhost’s fault.

And THAT is a reason to not offer phone support. If you were as unclear on the phone as you are here, you’d be spreading a bunch of he-said-she-said crap about how you “clearly explained” something on the phone and they didn’t know what was going on. When it’s all in writing, there’s no denying who’s being clear and who’s not.

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this whole stream of e’mails just PROVES my point of phone instead of e’mails…

if anyone out there has an iMac and a DH website and is a computer geek and would like to talk to me in person, please e’mail me personally and I’ll send you my ph# and we can go over and compare settings and that would be cool…

and for the rest of you back and forth and back and forth and back and forth e’mail jerks, can’t you SEE that this doesn’t work??? don’t you see all the misunderstandings and insanity all this is???

all the MORE reason to have phone support, but AGAIN, if DH would rather spend TWO FREEKINGN WEEKS SOLVING A SIMPLE PROBLEM RATHER THAN A 2 MINTUE PHONE CONVERSATION, that is there choice.


That’s really rich. It would be quite a trick to take you up on that, since you can’t receive “e’mail”. Or is that just more “proof” that written communication doesn’t work? I could have sworn that this whole thread started as a result of you not being able to receive your email, but then again, I suppose that “misinformation” is a result of it being “typed” on a keyboard instead of being “spoken” on the phone :wink:

Edit: Actually, this is proof that written communication is
better - In reveiwing the thread, I found that you can get mail (even though you can’t connect via POP3/IMAP with the DH server) because your forwarding is working! See, the written record is always better! No one has to argue about who said what, to who, when they said it, in whose back yard, and how many cookies were involved? :slight_smile:



I said in previos posting here that I have placed a “forwarding e’mail” address in my DH settings so that I will get my e’mail as I am UNAVBLE to sign onto squirrel… but I guess you missed that because we are not talking on the phone, we are exchangind ENDLESS AND ENDLESS AND ENDLESS E’MAILS… again proof that this system DOES NOT WORK. and if you would look at my e’mail address you would see my website and my phone number is right there…

by the way I HAVE SIGNED MY NAME AND PHONE NUMBER TO EACH AND EVERY NOTICE I SENT TO DH and even after I was no longer able to get my e’mail from Squirrel… it was the PHONE conversation I had with MACINTOSH TECH SERVE that helped gave me the suggestion by phone to have my e’mail forwarded to my earthlink (ISP) account… NOT DH>. they are useless

YES , this whole e’mail did start with me not receiving e’mail from my MAIL account on my macintosh…

ok, enough enough… any of you dolts who have read thru all of this, do you get the point that with all of the misundertandings we’ve had and back and forth e’mails how INSANE THIS IS???

ALL OF THIS PROVES MY POINT… as if we were all on the phone together in a conference call, it would all be over with… instead, it’s been several hours of back and forth and back and forth…

again, amen