Getting error: NO hostnames exist for these databases

I recently registered for hosting service at Dreamhost. I had my domain registered by WordPress. So I uploaded my website to Dreamhost and changed name serves to and in WordPress.

I then created a database host in Dreamhost, but when I waned to create MySQL database at Dreamhost, I got the following messages: “NO hostnames exist for these databases… They are INACCESSIBLE until you add one!”

I am not sure why I am getting this error saying the host does not exist for this database as I already have created it.

Right now when I visit my website it shows: Error establishing a database connection.

My website is :

Any help is appreciated.

You created a database using the webpanel at Dreamhost I assume.

The question is, did you use the correct sql database name, user ID and password in the webpanel and in the wordpress settings?




Yes I created the database using the webpanel at Dreamhost. The setting in my WordPress wp-config.php (username, password, db name, and db host) are based on the first database that I created in the webpanel (I have gone through this process many times and have created several databases, but always I get the same error message). Do I need to add some settings in the webpanel as well?

When I create a new database the error “NO hostnames exist for these databases” is shown. Even though when I created the database host, it said: “Your MySQL hostname “” was successfully added.”

panel > Goodies > Mysql databbases.

It will display any hostnames you have created, as well as allow you to “add a hostname”

you must both create a database AND create a hostname.

Wonderfulguy: how was this resolved? I just tried to create a new DB, also get the “NO hostnames exist for these databases” error, even though I have created, and have selected from the dropdown the host name.

Is this maybe just one of those things where you sit around fo ra day while it propagates through Dreamhost’s system?

FOLLOWUP: I had just created a third hostname when the two previous one’s appeared.