Getting e-mail notifications on blog comments

I have had issues getting notified via e-mail, whenever someone leaves me a comment on my blog.

At first it worked great. Then later on I started getting notified a few weeks after the comment was left.

Now I get no notifications at all.

This is not the first time I have tried to get this fixed. It has gone on for far too long.

Does anyone have any answers on what I can do to get this working correctly?

Hey Debbie, I have some questions for you so I can get a better handle on this, and hopefully eliminate some possible causes:

Is the email address used for your WordPress hosted with us? And is your same email address entered in both the WordPress General Settings AND your admin profile settings? (To check this, click your user in the top right corner and “Edit Profile” from there)

Did these issues start right after the most recent WordPress upgrade? If so, have you tried disabling any plugins temporarily? I ask because it may be that one or more installed plugins may not be completely friendly with the newest version of WordPress, and can cause certain issues such as this.

If none of the above possible reasons apply, your issue may also be unrelated and could be a problem on our end; Are you receiving other email to the same admin address just fine?