Getting duplicate emails

Two times in the past week, I’ve received duplicate emails. These are duplicates of all emails I’ve already opened/viewed in my email client. Literally 400-500 repeat emails re-appear. Any ideas why this happens? Thanks.

They’re showing up in your Inbox? Are you using POP or IMAP? Are you using Google-hosted or DreamHost mail for your domain? You can double-check by using the webmail interface at

Yes, they are showing up in my inbox. I’m using POP and DreamHost Mail.

Do you have your POP mail client set to Delete message from server upon retrieval? Probably not, so why not use IMAP? My guess is that if you look at your inbox with webmail, all of those messages are still there. Something in the POP mechanism is forgetting where you left off, so it’s pulling all those same messages again.

Thanks for your insight, Scott. I’ll check my POP settings.