Getting 'Dugg'

So, currently I’m a bit worried about how the servers can handle being Dugg

If my website does get Dugg by or any other website similar to that, it will likely be a SimpleMachines forum thread that will be ‘Dugg’.

How does Dreamhost handle a digging?
What can I do in order to help myself out if I do?

So far my plan if I do get Dugg is to redirect the page being Dugg to another static page and optimize the page as much as I can.

But is there an easier way I can do this?
And should I really take that kind of precaution or is Dreamhost going to handle it well?

Info about my Plan:
Simple Machines 1.5.1 forum
Shared Hosting plan
Novice Coder - Knowledge of only basic PHP and other elements…but not stupid :wink:
Not much else contributes to a load on my plan. The forum that may be Dugg is hardly active and still under construction really.

Submit a ticket to Support to let them know. They may be able to tweak some settings and/or offer some suggestions.


That is an option…but that is always an option to do.

But if everyone submitted support requests asking for some tweaks that we can do ourselves I can see them being a bit overwhelmed.

Got anything to add yourself?

You’ve got the right idea. I read about this awhile back.

  • create a static page
  • enable allow-cache header (if you’re not for some reason ie: forum)
  • DH will probably serve up 500 errors if you hit a limit on its resources for the box you’re on.
  • edit the 500 page :slight_smile:
  • host the page elsewhere and re-write to that domain.
  • keep the page (and its objects images, js, css ) as tiny as possible < 3k.

It’s always an option, but if you know a box here is going to get hammered, it’d be polite to let Support know in advance.



I will try to let them know if I see anything rising that came from my website on Digg or other sites like that.

I don’t have a massive problem with my website dropping like a rock. I’m willing to admit…I make no money off my website. If my website drops like a rock for an hour or two I don’t cry myself to sleep and scream omglostprofitsandmembers :wink:


The problem is that it’ll be your whole server that drops. Bad for other customers. Bat for your other sites.

Then the site will get disabled. Bad for you again.

Depend on the volume, there’s basically no way a dynamic site will survive being slashdotted (except for the exceptions of the ones running on dedicated server clusters) unless they redirect to a minimal static page with simplified content and little/no media.

Just my conservative rule of thumb.

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Ohhh. That sounds like no fun.

Hum. Hum.
So basically, if I get Dugg/Slashdot’d I’ll certainly have to pull off my ass and get a static page up.

And from there I should also immediately submit a support ticket?

That’s definitely the prudent thing to do. After all, chances are the server will be under unusually high volume and support will want to make sure it doesn’t crack under the pressure.

They’ve seen it all before and they have a vested interest in making sure your site doesn’t take down the server so they can be very helpful in this kind of situation. I’m sure they’d be even more helpful if you give them the courtesy of forewarning them of potential problems.

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Ettinger mentioned some great ideas that saved one of my Joomla pages that got to the frontpage of Digg (different shared server, I’m assuming similar limits)

Cache, cache, cache! Serve up a static, pre-made copy of your dynamic pages. This is a little more technical, and I’ve messed up a few domains of mine this way so this didn’t work for me :slight_smile:

Use smaller objects and images, or just take them out all together! If you have 10 icons for social bookmarking, consider removing them or replacing the 10 with one button from If you have 10-20 smiley faces on the reply form, consider only showing those in the full-screen post editor rather than quick reply. This was the simplest solution I could figure out in 5 minutes that worked for ending the 500 error codes.

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Yeah, I’ll certainly be getting a static page up when I can.
I’ll submit that support ticket if I notice anything, for sure.

I have one other question that intrigues me but I don’t want to make a whole new topic about if I don’t have to.

Sometimes I plan to do things like forum maintenance scripts and I’ve got a couple scripts that I don’t plan to ever use often but I would one day like to run maybe once or twice a month. Maybe even less.

When is the best time to run scripts like this? I mean time of the day. Does Dreamhost mostly server American customers so should I run it at like 3AM EST? Does anyone know when the peak of server activity usually is?

I just don’t want to be an ass and run intensive scripts (by intensive I don’t mean I have some script that tries to figure out the trillionth digit of Pi, I just mean it messes around a lot more than my forum typically does) at PEAK times.

My low times for a Los Angeles website are 3-5am.


I have the same lows for my sites.

I’ll also recommend that you nice your scripts.

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By this point in the thread you can probably tell I’m just curious about the one thing I don’t know much about but should worry about pushing, the CPU limit.

I just don’t want to be an annoyance and get everything done appropriately. The script is simply one that grabs a fair bit of data then sorts it and displays certain duplicate entries.

I wonder if it’s possible to run this sort of script from another server…or even my own computer.
I’ll look into it anyways. It would be awesome if I could.


[quote]I wonder if it’s possible to run this sort of script from another server…or even my own computer.
I’ll look into it anyways. It would be awesome if I could.[/quote]
Yeah, it’s definitely possible to run this kind of thing at home and I recommend it. I always feel it’s bad form to use my “production” machine to run “development” scripts.

If you don’t have a linux setup at your house you can always install a virtualized one using VMWare or VirtualBox. What’s your home OS?

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I’m guessing it would be possible to run a php script from home using XAMPP.

XAMPP Lite has all you’ll require.

I recommend the zipped ‘no installation’ version.

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Ah, I already have it. I just never considered using it.

Appreciate the help though.