Getting DH support after PHP auto upgrade (2020 July) fiasco

Has anybody with problems after the automatic PHP upgrade (July 2020) HAD SUCCESS AT GETTING HELP FROM DH to solve the problems? The email received after the upgrade stated “Please reply to this email if you spot any errors or other forms of wrongness on your site. We’re ready and standing by to help!”

2 of my business (income-generating) sites no longer work. I’ve been begging DH Support FOR FOUR DAYS for help and have received NO REPLY AT ALL other than the automated reply stating that they’d get in touch w/in 24 hours.

I’ve tried replying to the email as instructed AND I’ve tried creating new support tickets from the DH Panel. To no avail.

Any hints on how to get DH staff to respond?!

Instead of filing a ticket, try for the chat support? My experience there has been prompt and very competent. I try to save it for requests that are time-sensitive or difficult to explain.

For the record, I had requested over a support ticket that multiple DreamPress sites not be upgraded. When they started to be upgraded anyway, I started a chat. The same person who had answered the email ticket was able to find their error, address it, and work with the team to downgrade immediately.

I’d consider anything over 24 hours way too long. Preferrably 4-6 hours, but like I said, the time sensitive stuff I direct to the chat immediately.

FYI, my pleas were ignored for 4.5 days. But shortly after posting question in these forums, DH Support actually responded.

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