Getting cron tab to work, argh

did anyone notice under goodies you can setup a cron job thru the control panel? i did and the wiki instructions don’t discuss this at all. they only talk about the shell stuff, which i am a newbie and don’t know how to do.

my problem is that the #$%* cron job is not working even though it says active, my program says that cron is not running and the program says “waiting to start”. i have a program that needs cron to run and i put what they told me to put in the “command to run” section:

env php –q /home/.gandalf/myusername/

and then i set the time on there to “custom” for when to run, then i put 1 minute, every hour, every day, every month, every day of week.

so what else? why isn’t it running? does it take a few days to start working? what the heck???

The control panel cron tab page is very new. Maybe there is some problem there. If it is urgent it is better for you to follow the wiki to use shell command to do the job. I had done this following the wiki and it is working fine.

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As with the shell you must specify the path to all files. This includes the PHP executable.

env /usr/local/bin/php –q /home/.gandalf/myusername/

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So based on the wiki, I thought I had to edit the cron.php file and add this line to the top of the file:
#!/usr/local/bin/php -q

then go to the crontab feature in the control panel and just add this line starting with: /home/.gandalf/…

Should I delete the line I added to the cron.php file?

thank you alot for your help. I’ve read so many wikis and cron support websites and after hours I still couldn’t get it to run. your help is awesome.

You can delete the line you added if you are specifying the executable in the command as I described earlier.

In other words you need to tell the system where the ‘php’ program that interprets the script is. You do that either in a command or in the shebang. And if you use the shebang method you need to grant execute permissions on the script (755).

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