Getting crazy with Paypal

I wonder if Paypal has real Helpdesk people or just monkeys.
I am trying to understand if I need a credit card to use it, and they continue to answer with the usual garbage you can find on their help pages.
Is it so difficult to answer the question?

Someone here is using his Paypal account by simply putting money on it using a bank? I don’t have a Credit Card and I don’t have added my bank details to Paypal. I just sent some money to it.
And it looks like they will never be able to answer this simple question.

Please don’t tell me to send them a ticket… :slight_smile:

It stated in the website that [color=#0000CC]customer must have a credit card or a verifed bank account[/color] to subscribe. It seems you don’t need to have a credit card to subscribe. But why do I give my credit card details???

I’ve linked my bank account to my paypal. They will ask you to do something to verify your bank account. Once it’s done, you can transfer money between your bank account and paypal. Note, it is free to withdraw money for those customers in USA. They charge service fee for non-USA customers if you withdraw less than a certain amount of money.

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I haven’t found anything that says that you MUST have a verified bank account or a CC. To me it seems that you have to guess it by reading everything.

If I’ll have a CC, I will probably add it instead of my bank account, because I haven’t seen written anywhere what they can do with my bank account.I don’t want them to withdraw money…I prefer to add it on my paypal account by myself.

If you have links, please add them to the post…but beware of the “you could/should” help pages…I’ve read everywhere that you should get verified by adding CC info and so on…but they don’t say that you must do something in order to do something else.

I just want to see my d&*n 25 dollars to pay DH! :slight_smile:

Now I’m confused :stuck_out_tongue:

I just logged in my paypal account and saw two sections under my profile. One is credit card. The other one is bank account. And I do not remember why I give them my credit card details. If it is not necessary, I will definately not to give them anything.

From what I remembered, you need a credit card to sign up a valid account. It seems we need to read everything to get the confirm answer.

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