Getting around self-addressed Emails being junked

Sorry for the awkwardly-worded thread title, I’m still not too sure how to summarize this question.

Anyway, here’s my deal: there are a number of email lists I am on, mainly from financial accounts like my IRA and such as well from online communities, that send out automatically generated emails for updates and new statements. For some reason, and it occurs on more than one set of emails, so it’s not service-dependent, the Reply-to header field and the To header field are both my email address. In each of these cases, I have both my email address and the actual sending email address whitelisted yet these messages continue to be filtered into my junk mail.

I have opened several support tickets with DH about this and each time I am told that the Reply-to and To headers matching is an immediate flag for spam regardless of any whitelisting and that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it other than continually logging into the mailbox manager and manually delivering the messages to my inbox.

Has anyone else encountered this and/or discovered a way to work around it? Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I can only think of two solutions:

  1. Turn off junk filtering
  2. Create a filter that moves messages with specific criteria to one of your mail folders, in hopes that these filters run before the junk mail filter does

If neither option works, then I suggest you have these messages sent (or forwarded; forwarded mail doesn’t get junk filtered) to another mail account, like Gmail.