Getting access to my account

We had someone build a web site for us, and that site is hosted on dreamhost. Everything is dandy and we want to keep dreamhost.

There’s only one problem. This person did not give us the password and he has disappeared from the face of the Earth. We can’t email or call him.

The site is for a well known Disney actor. We can, of course, prove that we are the actor (actually I am a friend of his dads, but the actor or the dad can do whatever is needed to verify).

We have the ftp user name and password, the Joomla username and pw, the SMF user name and PW, and of course all those admin account email addresses point to the actor’s father. You can verify all of this and communicate with the actors father on these addresses.

The problem is that the we do not have the cpanel password. It seems the web guy we hired used his email address in setting up the account so the “forgot password” requests will all go to him (we tried using all of our email addresses, only his works for password retrieval). I tried contacting tech support once but they basically told me there’s nothing he could do. What I need to do is escalate this to someone who can take the extra steps to verify the things I pointed out and get us access into this account. You can try contacting the email address on the account, for example, to find out if the web guy will respond to you.

The domain registrar is godaddy, and right now its looking like our only option would be to go to another host (because we can change the DNS records). We can’t stay with dreamhost in this case because you couldn’t host 2 sites with the same domain name. So we’d have to go somewhere else.

Right now we can change just about anything on the site, except for DNS and email stuff and other things you can only do through the cpanel. But we do need to change some things there.

The main problem, is eventually the registration will expire and we won’t be able to pay to renew the account because we can’t get into it!

I’m putting this on the forum because i can’t get into the site for support! Please escalate this to someone who can help with this issue. I can provide the account info, email addresses etc at that time, and whatever you need to do to verify identity, we can work with you on that. We just need to get this account assigned back to this actor’s father so he can manage the account and keep it paid for.

Thank you

Do you control the GoDaddy registration? It seems to me that if you can prove that you’re the domain owner, you’ll be able to set up your own hosting (still here) and continue, though you’ll have to find a way to capture the old site data and move it to the new site.

A backup contact form is here: