Getting a Time Out


I’m getting a ‘time out’ message for some of the websites I regularly visit.

Is this my internet connection problem because some of my friends seem to be able to view the webpages! :confused:


It’s really hard to say where the problem is. There’s about a 50/50 chance wither way. It could be that the server you are trying to access simply didn’t respond, or that your own ISP is having some connectivity issues.

Is this a once in a while time out issue? If you click refresh after you get the time out, does it time out again? Or does it simply never load?

One thing you might try is pinging the ip address for the site and see what happens. That will let you know if you’re communication with the server at all.

Are the sites you can’t access all hosted at the same place, or just various servers here and there?

–Matttail - personal website


In addition to the ping that Mattail suggested, you might find some useful information to help you see where the problem is using traceroute. I especially like Hypertrace from here, which is free.



or you can just use DOS



Ahh it’s working now!

I called the company and they told me to flush the DNS (through run->cmd) and I could visit the sites again!

I think it was also a connection problem :confused:

But thanks for your replies! :smiley: