Getting a little worried here

I have been reading post’s and find that there has been alot of down time.

I contacted dreamhost concering my site after other’s have told me that I have to go to a dedicated server.

My forum just doesn’t generate enough money to go to a dedicated so I contacted dream host. They said this wouldn’t be a problem for their 9.95 account.

My website uses 15-25% of 1GB Ram and 5-7% of a 2.6GHZ Processor daily. I have a very active forum with 1400 + member’s and growing daily.

I am afraid of what might happen if I switch over to dreamhost only to have my site go down day after day.
I can’t stay with my current host as he has sold his business and the company he sold it to refuses to give me the plan that I was on.

I really am beginning to wonder if it isn’t worth it just to close my site down.

I really would love some of your opinion’s on everyone who is hosted with dream host.

If your statistics are accurate, then Dreamhost is likely to freeze your account too. I wish I could help you, but it sounds like you’re going to need a dedicated server. Sorry.

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I think that really Dreamhost is very stable over all. I’ve been with dreamhost and only noticed a very few downtimes - thoes being the LA power outage and the rescent DDos attact.

For me Both E-mail and website have been very stable for my domains.

I also think that what you read on the forum is not a fair representation of Dreamhost’ stability. Most of the time people post here with problems, not with my site’s working great (execpt a few people… :wink: )

I think you’ll be very happy with dreamhost.


So basically what peter said to me in an email was wrong?

I think you usage will actually be within plan limits here at dreamhost. It’s a little hard to say for sure, becuase DH works in CPU minents, not percentages.

The K-base says that you should stay under 30-40 cpu min per day. However, almost all of Dreamhost servers are much faster than what you’re on now. Most of the machines are have dual Xeon processors with HT. Theoretically then, the things that you’re doing currently will also take up less time on a new server.

If support says you’re within limits, I’d believe them. If anything comes up, which I doubt it will, just remind them of what they said before.

Hope this helps.


I sure hope so. I am just so worried that my account will be frozen and I will lose everything I have worked hard on.

My member’s don’t want to see the site shut down but the more active member’s just are not in a positon to help support the forum at dedicated prices. My forum is just running on what money my member’s have donated to help out and the little bit that google ad’s make which isn’t alot.

Thank’s for your imput everyone.

If you’re using more than the allowed processor time they don’t just “freeze” your account. They move you onto a “limbo” machine and give you a trial run there with access to special stats that should show you where your problem areas are so that you’re able to fix them over the course of the trial (a few weeks if I recall when it happened to me).

Honestly in the end if you’re using enough resources due to number of visitors to warrant a dedicated server you should be able to swing some sort of advertising deal to help with costs if not cover them entirely.


Thank’s Jason.

I don’t want to see the site shut down and have looked at a few host’s and have kept coming back to dreamhost. They seem to be the best in my opinion.

I would do just about anything to keep this forum up. I have worked to hard at it to make it what it is.

I agree with Jason, if your forum is getting enough visitors to become a resource problem, you should be able to re-coup some or all of your hosting costs with some kind of advertising.

Some of the advertising programmes available are not too intrusive and your user-base probably won’t mind too much, especially if it means the survival of the site.

More information about such programmes can be found on the Digital Point forums;

Google AdSense seems to be quite popular, offering ads that will match the content of your site.


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I do have google on my account but in the 6 month’s that we have had them on the forum I have only made less then 200 dollar’s. Guess people are just not into clicking on them.

I agree with Mattail whole heartedly.
I have never had any problems in six years of hosting aside from the normal that all hosting companies have and that is rare in deed. I believe according to my own calculations my sites and email accounts “lots” have been up 99% of the time.

Thank You,

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In six years the only problem I had with the shared hosting as far as usage was a chat server program they asked me to turn it off simply because they don’t allow it.
Tech support told me that as long as thier proc monitor “processes” allows it the sky is the limit.

Thank You,

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