Getting 503 Service Temporarilyl Not Available Message


Can someone look into this for me?

the site has been down for nearly half a day.

[quote]Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.[/quote]
thanks. i am an admin at the site but the site owner cannot be contacted right now so I was wondering if a technician here could help.


Thanks for contacting us for support. I looked into your site and saw there was a few hiccups with the apache service. We got those sorted out and now resolves with out issue.

If you run into any other issues be sure to send our support team a ticket here and we’ll be able to look into it right away

Matt C


thank you very much DH MATT C

very fast. very impressed with dreamhost.



so I’m getting this problem again. I think we may be under attack.

can someone look into it? thanks!


it’s down again.

please help! thanks so much.


I answered you here. Please refrain from posting about the same issue in multiple threads; it’s a little confusing. We’ll help you no matter what :slight_smile:

Also, for more immediate support, you should definitely submit a support ticket, or start a LiveChat from the web panel for real-time assistance.