Get only ftp

I want to offer an ftp access for some of my colleagues but I do not want them to be able to put files in it.

I can choose a simple http access, but I would want them to be able to browse the directories. http should be a great help but only for a specific address of a file

I remember that IE may offer directory browsing with http
I try in one of my public directory, but seems to be always forbidden…

I think HTTP is your best option for something like this. Apache will provide nice listings for any directory that doesn’t have an index file. You can set some options in your .htaccess file to customize how the listings look, add icons etc.

It sounds like access to that particular directory was being restricted, probably due to a .htaccess file, either in that directory or a higher directory.


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yes, the .htaccess is a good solution

that’s work