Get Old IMAP Messages After Changing MX Record? HELP!

PLEASE help me with this one ASAP.

I changed the MX record of one of my domains to point to an external email system. ( Thereby moving the users from the DH email account to one through Google. But the address stayed the same at the same domain name.

The problem I have now, is that a couple of the users only accessed their mail through the webmail system and now, because it’s disabled, there’s no way that I can see to get at all the old messages.

I figure since it’s IMAP the messages are still there and could be downloaded with a client and (if need be) be forwarded to the new account. But, unfortunately since the MX record has been changed I can’t access the old Dreamhost account using my domain name. I would change the DNS back temporarily, but that would seriously disrupt things for the other users.

I’m lost and confused and I’m getting a lot of pressure from these users. Please help me.

If you remember the name of the mail cluster you were on, you should be able to use that, like instead of Check mail headers of the old messages to see which server they were one. I’m at work where POP and IMAP are blocked, so I can’t test this theory right now, but it’s what I’ve done in the past with other hosts.


I had a look and it seems like it was on spunky.

I tried it but it still didn’t work. It seemed like a really good idea though. Anything else I could try?

In the control panel, do the mail accounts still exist? Right now, my mailboxes are saying 0MB used, but I use IMAP and there’s tons of stuff on the server.

I was able to log into one domain’s mail by going to another domain through POP:

POP to

Perhaps you can set up a temp domain, or already have one you can tell your mail client to connect to and use for the username and the old password as well.


You are a genius.

I connected to one of my other DH hosted domains and used the login info from this domain, and it worked perfectly!

I connected with Thunderbird, downloaded the messages and then was able to send one message to each users’ new mailboxes which had all of the old messages as attachments.

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

That is a really nice workaround! Great idea, and very useful. Thanks! :slight_smile: