Get mysql access to old domain


i change some domains to another hosting, but now i have a problem.

how I have access to a database of a domain that is no longer on DreamHost?

i have all the data in the DB but how get access to it ( if “” is now in other hosting service?

Create a new hostname for the database using another domain you have hosted here, or using a subdomain if you don’t have any others.

ok… but then?

i access my old database in but now is not hosted in dreamhost

and i dont know how to “change” my database to other host.

Try going to the panel and finding out your SQL server name. Click on Account Status in the upper right corner. The point your browser to, whatever that DB server name is.

If that doesn’t work, do you have any other sites hosted here? If you go to the panel for Manage MySQL, you can add a DB server name there, like and try that.