Geoip - perl module

do we have this module?
can we get i please, please, please

apache module ! = perl module…

It does look pretty cool… I suspect it might be somewhat resource intensive (since you have to check their database for each http request) – and there’s a charge for database updates.

This might be cool to use internally though. Anyway, I’ll mention it, but most likely we won’t be able to offer this on shared hosting machines anytime soon.

[quote]apache module ! = perl module…

mmm you’re trying to tell me something here i’m sure…lol! Oh ignorance IS bliss! Or even pe(a)rls before swine:) Thank Jebus for php I say!

It does look very cool ok…and its seems to work perfectly too…is there any other RELIABLE solution to finding the clients referring country from an ip?

BTW here a couple of interesting links

The first uses the tech from the second - check out geophrases for a slightly less intrusive version. I’ve signed up but can’t log in for some reason. I’ll post back in the thread when i fully check it out.

Also the geoip db yearly update (& pretty small too) is free - only chargeable for monthly updates. I’m sure you’ll just have to play with it!


mmm you’re trying to tell me something here i’m sure


It’s a succinct (and geeky) way of saying apache module does not equal perl module.

We do this sort of thing internally to figure out what country people are connecting from, but this solution is better… The other way is to check the whois output from the various registries for IP addresses… however since the output from this is not in a super-standard format, parsing this output isn’t super easy.

Anyway, I’ll mention it to our developers, but don’t hold your breath :>.