Ok, I am new as they get. I have only done websites through Geocities for the past maybe 10 years. Can anyone tell me how DreamHost would compare to Geocities? My confusion is - Can you make websites the same way in DreamHost? Can you type in html and upload photos the same way or do you have to have a program on your computer where you build your website and then upload it to DreamHost? Sorry for such basic questions. I want to make a website to post my photographs and other interests.

Anybody want to share the address for their website made on DreamHost?



My web store, marcie’s gifts, is hosted here on DH. I also have hosted here. DH does not have any sort of pagebuilder type program. You would have to make the pages yourself and upload it to DH servers. There are free wysiwyg html editors out there. I just can’t tell you about them since I don’t use them myself.

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Generally with DreamHost you will design your site using a HTML editor on your computer then uplaod the required files using an FTP client. The DreamHost panel does not contain an easy to use editor for your sites.

However, you can install some kind of content managment system (such as Joomla) and use this to provide an easy way to update the content on your website(s).

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If all you want to do is set up a photo gallery you can use a 1-click install of a gallery program, which is free with any Dreamhost plan.

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You could use FCKEditor to do all that you said but you would have to install it on your domain but it’s not that hard. It’s a very nice editor with a lot of features.

Just [color=#CC0000]dont forget to close that folder from the outside world’s eyes[/color] which can be easily done using htaccess on you controlpanel

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I do all my HTML editing in a plain-text editor (UltraEdit) and then upload them with WSFTP.

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