Genovese - 90% PHP Timeout / Error 500

Since 3-4 days ago my 10 Wordpress installations on Genovese have been acting beyond operable, constantly giving away Error 500 Internal Server Error or queries timing out. It has gone to a point where I can barely enter the admin sections of my sites and operate them - I wonder whether such activity is because I am reaching the limits of my otherwise unlimited diskspace / bandwidth website, maybe PHP memory or such? Please help me out with some tips what could be making Error 500 and timeouts all the time.

This chaos has gone to a totally new level today as I just got constant “Error establishing a database connection” message, it seems something’s wrong with the MySQL!

I’m on genovese and am also seeing very slow response times and SQL errors, specifically:

#2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading authorization packet’, system error: 0

Are you on SQL server barbaro as well?

A 500 error is fairly general. Could you supply a URL?

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Yes. SQL on Barbaro. Problems started on Friday afternoon, CET/EET time. The current SQL outtage seems to show SQL is the culpit. Right now SQL is outting hard and I even noticed 404 errors showing the server’s not completely safe as well.

I have some static html pages which seem to serve up just fine. That being said, the SQL issues are certainly going to play havoc on the web server with many calls being in open wait states.

If you have not already, open up an emergency ticket (I have as well)

Let me know if they end up moving you or what the resolution is, I’ll do the same.