Generic stream error with Jabber

I’ve used Jabber before with public servers, and now I’m trying to set up an account on my newly-purchased DreamHost domain. I’ve already activated the account and waited until it actually became activated. However, when I try to connect with my favorite client – Fire (for the Mac) – it immediately disconnects. I’ve tried using a different client – Psi (multiplatform) – and got this error:

There was an error communicating with the Jabber server.
Details: XMPP Stream Error: Generic stream error

I’m not using SSL, and I’m sure I’ve entered my account info correctly, so I can’t imagine what the problem could be. Perhaps there is something wrong with DreamHost’s Jabber server? Or am I missing something obvious? Thanks,


I’ve had problems too.
I am trying to set up a conference using Jabber on my DH account server, but get an XMPP error as well.
Like you, I’ve entered account info correctly, I am able to connect to the Jabber service through my Jabber client(using my domain info) but I am unable to create a conference.