Generate a QR Code

I’d like to create a QR code for a business card that when photographed would go to my website. Does DreamHost have a generator? If not, can anyone recommend one of the free code creation sites where I would not risk getting a virus?

Someone else just requested that…I did not find a good free one, but I did find some nice paid for ones that you install on your own web-host:

For a few dollars you can put one of those on your own website and generate all of your own codes and not have to worry about virus or someone charging you or cancelling your QR code.

If you just need one QR code image, there’s a simple free one at:

It doesn’t use a URL shortener (the text in the code is literally just whatever you type in), so the codes it generates aren’t tied back to the site at all.

Thanks. Really appreciate the info.

I just use a free app on my Android phone called “Barcode Scanner.” One of the many features of this app is QR Code generation. You can generate as many as you like for free and they are standard compliant. I use one for my music studio here: .