General Thank You

Good morning Dreamhost Team,

I couldn’t find a forum that was specific to being able to say “thanks” so I thought I would post it here…

Last year I had a few problems with my site which were centred around hacks on a wordpress blog I had. I removed the blog but there were already ‘hooks’ in place that let a mr. nastypants in to do nefarious things, including an embarrassing redirection on my .htaccess file (which was altered in too many folders to count).

I had a lot of trouble trying to catch this problem and fix it. Towards the end of summer there was a major cleanup of your servers which made my site go away for a while, and when my stuff came back up, a large number of folders had been removed. It was all ‘hacking’ stuff, so while I was concerned and a wee bit sad, it was probably just crap I no longer needed, so I continued working on my Top Secret Project For Worldwide Domination™.

About a month later everything I had thought lost came back, as if you guys were diligently sifting through and cleaning it for me before returning it.

Since then I have noticed folders titled “Infected backup” showing up in my main list of files, indicating you are still looking out for my best interests, and I just wanted to say thank you.

I really regret having installed that WP blog on my site now because of the annoyance it caused (and embarrassment when my Mom visited and saw… ‘things moms were never meant to see’…)

You guys get far too many complaints when something goes wrong. I think you deserve a note of thanks when it goes right.

Merry Christmas

Gerry Straathof

Hi Gerry,
Thank you so much for your kind words and awesome feedback! It’s customers such as yourself that keep us (technical support/forum support) going!
I’ll forward this post and kind words to our Security team! I’m sure it’ll make their day!
Once again, thank you so much for your kind words and we look forward to a long friendship with you!

Couldn’t agree more. Great job, Dreamhost!