General question regarding servers, bandwidth



I had this question running thru my head today, if someone can explain it to me it’d be great.

Lets say you buy a server in a datacenter, you usually get 1000GB or 2000GB bandwidth and no more. How is this measured? I mean, if 1000 people came on your site downloading 1 GB each in the same time your server wouldn’t normally be able to take that. So if a datacenter has a T3 line thats 44,000 Mbps which is around 5 GB bandwidth for a second shared across all its servers. So if this is the case why do you need to buy another server if you want to have more then 2000 GB bandwidth a month? Why not just use the same server. I’m sorry if the question is unclear I’m a little confused on this.

Another question, lets say you have one server thats 2.0 Ghz and another which is 4.0 Ghz would the 4ghz server be able to handle more connections then the 2.0ghz? Also, when would RAM come into play? When would you want a server with only 2-4 GB RAM and when would you need one with 64 GB of RAM.

And for example has, then, why? Is each www[x] a diffrent webserver? Why don’t they just use www without the extra number?

I couldn’t find a tutorial or guide explaining this, if you can point me to some information that’d be great as well. Thank you.


Your question is confusing but I will give it a shot.

At the port on which ‘your’ server is connected every byte which comes by is counted.

You could buy more bandwith for the same server but thats often more expensive, most providers offer you the bandwith knowing that 50% of the customers will never use it. (same at dreamhost)

Further if your server is using 2000GB it’s probably also using lots of cpu and cant handle more load (depends how you use the server)

This is a though question, it highly depends on how cpu intensive your applications are. A 200Mhz machine could setup several a thousand connections but actualy doing something on these connections could be a problem. Also the OS and applications used all are different.

The RAM is used for you applictions but could also be used for caching content. If you have only 1GB of data which is requested very often you could all load this in RAM so your Hard-Disk has an easy life. Another reason for lots of RAM are memory intensive applications like Java server pages.

www[x] is probably a different server but I’am not sure (I do not know how yahoo is setup exactly)

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