General question on Domain name and Website building

Background: I already own two domain names (registrar: Network Solutions), and they currently point to a (lame) website hand-built with html may years ago (one is “”). I want to create a new site with modern features. I have two related questions:

  1. Can I continue to keep Network Solutions as my registrar (fees paid through forever), but point the names to my (future) dreamhost site? (I assume this is different than “transferring” the domain names to dreamhost?)

  2. How can I establish and test a new website as I build it, BEFORE redirecting the domain names. Obviously, I’d like the names to continue to point to the old website during the new construction, but it is not clear how to do this using the dashboard/wizard system.

Thanks! psy

  1. The easiest way to accomplish that is to log into NS and delegate nameserver functions to dreamhost by setting nameservers to,, Once that change takes effect (give it a few hours) dreamhost will be in charge of the DNS, and your registration remains at NS. Slightly more complicated if you’re wanting to keep parts elsewhere, such as continue to use mail at the previous host.

  2. There are several methods:

Actually the method I like best is changing my local computers (or networks) DNS to use Dreamhost nameservers. I don’t think that method is mentioned in the knowledge base article anymore however.

Thanks LakeRat. I’ll research the link provided. Hadn’t thought about my mail at NS … hmmm. Ryan V at support suggested registering a new (temp?) name “for free”, and using it during development. Cheers!