General email failure

Our dreamhost mail ( has been down for about the past 24 hours – we don’t know what is happening and we can’t get in touch with anyone in support to fix it.

Help please!

Did you write support? Did you contact them through the support panel?

Did you get the announcements about upcoming mail system migrations?

Are you using POP3, IMAP, webmail, or what? What client software are you using, and what is your ISP?

Perhaps you’re using ‘’ (ie ‘’) instead of ‘’ as your incoming mail server?

I would suggest contacting support (from an outside address, obviously) at support dreamhost com – or through the web panel, and let them know that you’re having problems.

You’re probably using through Dreamhost. Unless it’s a huge coincidence, all of has been down for over 24 hours now. It is free though, and with you certainly get what you pay for. With all of the ads and massive spam they should be much better, even as a “free” service.


according to the mx records for their domain they’re not.

i’d guess the problem is related in some way to the mail system migration.